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Slow social is a social network built for people who want a place to connect with their friends online in a more intentional, sustainable manner. It is run and developed by a small team looking to make online communities more human and inclusive.

Slow Social is still in beta, so please feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or thoughts!

a friendly looking illustrated tortoise. His name is terence.

Frequently asked questions

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What's your business model?
The goal of the company is to equally value the customer, environment, and profits. In other words, the model isn't to maximize profit like an investor backed startup, but rather to create a lean, useful piece of software that grows with its users and can sustain itself from every angle from day one. The way everything is set up allows us to do that; if no one uses the app it costs us almost nothing to run. If we have a lot of users, costs go up but so will revenue.
How do you make money?
We plan to offer a paid "plus" experience sometime in the future with some extra features that enhance the core values of Slow Social. It's our intention to keep all of the current features free forever and to never show advertisments.
What is the tortoise's name?